Smart Move Seminars 

Smart Moves offers interactive, engaging presentations on a variety of topics. Feel free to contact us regarding any of the below topics.


Getting Down-Sized and Organized

Studies show that clutter can add stress to our everyday life. This stress can impact our physical and emotional well -being. This seminar gives tips on sorting through the "stuff" so we can gain peace of mind. 

Tis the Season for Downsizing

How to use any holiday as a chance to downsize.  Includes ideas for downsizing your own collection or helping family members, as well as tips for giving gifts that don't add clutter. 

Make Your Move

For this seminar we partner with a real estate expert to give an overview of the housing market and ideas for preparing your home for sale. Smart Moves will share tips for a successful move including: planning your new space, what to do with the things that are not making the move, and ideas on where to start the process.    


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